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Community release by #sadpanda on irc.rizon.net.

Includes releases 3601-3700.

Information in the README. Read that here.
For more info about these releases, and a whole lot more, read this google document. Updated thanks to Nephthys.

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File Name Size
991.0 MiB
[Abe Manabu] In Case (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 9.7 MiB
[Ameno Shigure] Sensei & I (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 9.8 MiB
[Aoi Miharu] The Floozy Nagi-chan Wants to Change (COMIC X-Eros #66).zip 16.4 MiB
[Aramaki Echizen] Tachibana-san Wants to Try It (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 10.4 MiB
[Ashiomi Masato] Yua Naked Life (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 9.9 MiB
[B-Ginga] Stepdaughter Wolf (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 10.4 MiB
[Ban Kazuyasu] Chemistry with a Married Teacher (COMIC Europa Vol.20).zip 14.5 MiB
[Benimura Karu] I Want My Reward! (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 8.7 MiB
[Coupe] Liberation (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 13.4 MiB
[Dibi] Foot Massage An (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 3.5 MiB
[Enuhani] His Experiences with Women Have Taught Him To Be Cautious (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 11.6 MiB
[Esuke] Silhouette (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 14.8 MiB
[fu-ta] She Only Smiles for Me (COMIC Bavel 2018-09).zip 11.6 MiB
[Fujihan] E-Sports! (COMIC Europa Vol.20).zip 9.4 MiB
[gonza] Ejaculation Education (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 17.5 MiB
[Hamao] Étude (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 12.6 MiB
[Hatimoto] I moved. (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 10.7 MiB
[Hazuki Yuuto] Tsubaki's Feelings (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 11.6 MiB
[Higenamuchi] Play Experience (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 9.9 MiB
[Himeno Komomo] Pathology Academy Chapter 1 (COMIC X-Eros #70).zip 16.4 MiB
[Hinasaki Yo] Dog Matron (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 14.7 MiB
[Hirno] Slow Rhythm #3 (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 11.9 MiB
[Hiroshiki] Let's All Cum Together! Tender Meat Festival! (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 13.7 MiB
[ICHIGAIN] She's a slut, that girl. (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 11.2 MiB
[Itou Ei] Seduction! Confusion! Propriety (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 6.6 MiB
[Iwasaki Yuuki] Last Train (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 10.1 MiB
[Izure] Afternoon Onee-Shota (COMIC X-Eros #66).zip 9.2 MiB
[Kaitenfude] Venus Flytrap (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 9.3 MiB
[Karakuchi Choucream] Reflexology for a Broken Heart (COMIC Europa Vol.19).zip 12.4 MiB
[Key] Alluring Yuu (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 12.3 MiB
[Kirihara Yuu] Hungry For More ~Second Serving~ (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 10.1 MiB
[Kizuka Kazuki] Boobs & The Arts (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 12.2 MiB
[Komezawa] Login Bonus (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 24.9 MiB
[Mareo] Brother-in-law Play (COMIC Europa Vol.20).zip 13.6 MiB
[Mario] Game X Love (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-12).zip 13.6 MiB
[Matsukawa] Rookie OL Morifuji Ririko (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 16.8 MiB
[Mikarin] Money, Money, Money! Second (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 13.8 MiB
[Minagiri] The Daddy's Girl and the Matchmaker (COMIC X-Eros #66).zip 9.1 MiB
[Minamino Sazan] Same Day Delivery Deep Inside You (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 10.8 MiB
[Minato Itoya] Projection Adultery (COMIC Bavel 2018-06).zip 11.7 MiB
[Miyamoto Liz] Save and Overwrite (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 10.2 MiB
[Mizone] My Ideal Girl (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 15.8 MiB
[mogg] Penis Collection (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 11.0 MiB
[Mozu] Shameful Theater (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-06).zip 8.9 MiB
[Mozu] What She's Good At (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 8.2 MiB
[Muronaga Chaashuu] Is This Onee-san's Real Side! (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 12.8 MiB
[Musashimaru] Melancholia (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-12).zip 13.9 MiB
[Nanao Yukiji] Support Me, Fuck Me. (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 10.8 MiB
[NaPaTa] Please, Senpai (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 9.0 MiB
[Nekomata Naomi] Her Secret (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 12.7 MiB
[Noise] Mako-chan Isn't What She Seems (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 9.8 MiB
[Nonaka Tama] My Older Little Sister (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 11.1 MiB
[Okumoto Yuta] Twin Maximum! (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 12.8 MiB
[Oohira Sunset] Advance Payment! (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 12.9 MiB
[Ouchikaeru] Age Check (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 8.5 MiB
[Polinky] Penis Rental ~Juumonji Family~ (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 16.5 MiB
[Puyocha] Private Lesson (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 14.2 MiB
[Regudeku] Suctual Cupid (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 19.1 MiB
[Satozaki] The Otaku Club Princess & The Three Scoundrels (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 14.0 MiB
[Satsuki Imonet] Quick-Fuck Girlfriend Introduction (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 11.8 MiB
[SAVAN] Postponed Make-out Session (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 10.6 MiB
[Shimazu Tekkou] How is the Water Temperature (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 9.7 MiB
[Sian] Homemade Sex Tapes Feel Great (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 8.1 MiB
[Soramame-san] Dangerous Advice (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 9.0 MiB
[Sumiyoshi] Together with Everyone (COMIC Europa Vol.20).zip 10.0 MiB
[Syuuen] Next Door (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 11.6 MiB
[Tabigarasu] Give Me Your Best Shot (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 13.0 MiB
[Tetsuyama Kaya] Lying Sister (COMIC Europa Vol.19).zip 15.6 MiB
[Thomas] Memories and Regret (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-12).zip 12.6 MiB
[Toyama Jigoku] Seething! Youth Boxing (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 10.4 MiB
[Tulip] An Inexperienced Succubus' Graduation Test (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 14.6 MiB
[Tulip] White Letter (COMIC X-Eros #70).zip 12.4 MiB
[Wabara Hiro] Sister Charge (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 10.2 MiB
[Wantan Meo] Naughty Combo! (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 10.0 MiB
[waves] Two Night (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 12.6 MiB
[Woruto] Materialized Out of Twilight X (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 8.6 MiB
[Yamada Yuuya] Secret Relationship (COMIC Bavel 2018-12).zip 11.0 MiB
[Yokohama Inka] Long Time Coming (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 14.4 MiB
[Yoshiragi] Ahh! Ryokan of Desire (COMIC X-Eros #72).zip 15.2 MiB
[Yumeno Tanuki] Mismatched Play.04 (COMIC Bavel 2017-09).zip 22.4 MiB
[Yunioshi] Servant Relationship (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-11).zip 12.0 MiB
[ZACRO] My Summer Vacation (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-10).zip 12.1 MiB
83.6 MiB
[Bosshi] Super English teacher X (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 14.0 MiB
[Dibi] Special Comfort Officer of the Interplanetary Starship (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 21.2 MiB
[E-musu Aki] Mixed Bath Girls (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 22.7 MiB
[Monoo Kara] Sex Super Hero! The Heavy-Duty Sexual Gratification Robotics R&D Club (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-10).zip 12.1 MiB
[Puyocha] Fanservice (COMIC Bavel 2018-07).zip 13.7 MiB
15.8 MiB
[Becotaro] 48 Sex Positions+ - Writing Desk (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-12).zip 2.0 MiB
[Bota Mochito] 48 Sex Positions+ - Cuddle (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 2.5 MiB
[Eno] 48 Sex Positions+ - Assault on the Go Board (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-10).zip 1.9 MiB
[Pyon-Kti] BEAST Cover Artist Page 2018-11 (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-11).zip 522.0 KiB
[Range Murata] futuregraph #180 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 1.6 MiB
[Range Murata] futuregraph #181 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 2.2 MiB
[YUG] School Regulation Violation #74 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 2.3 MiB
[YUG] School Regulation Violation #75 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-12).zip 2.7 MiB
1.1 MiB
[Hissatsukun] Hissatsukun Interview! One Point Advice Corner #58 (COMIC X-Eros #58).zip 1.1 MiB
6.1 MiB
[F4U] How They Fap in Parallel Worlds Ch.5 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 1.5 MiB
[F4U] How They Fap in Parallel Worlds Ch.6 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-11).zip 1.1 MiB
[Shikkarimono no Takashi-kun] Hand Refresh Milk House 11 (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 3.5 MiB
3.6 MiB
[Aramaki Echizen] Tachibana-san Wants to Try It Illustration (COMIC X-Eros #71).zip 3.6 MiB
53.8 MiB
[Cyberunique] Vaygren - Chapter 1.zip 47.2 MiB
[gy] The Cure for Kleptomania - Part One.zip 6.6 MiB
checksums.sfv 14.4 KiB
readme.txt 3.6 KiB


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