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Community release by #sadpanda on irc.rizon.net.

Includes releases 3201-3300.

More information in the README. Read that here.

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File Name Size
1.1 GiB
[Aiya] Middle Daughter's Circumstances (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-07).zip 13.9 MiB
[Azuma Tesshin] She's a Different Person on Sunday (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 9.1 MiB
[Beko Tarou] Drunken Rendezvous (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 10.1 MiB
[BeNantoka] Borderline Step Couple (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 12.2 MiB
[Bifidus] Earlobe Switch (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-05).zip 11.0 MiB
[BoBoBo] Tall Mountain Flower's Floriography (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 15.2 MiB
[Bonnie] Into the Abnormal (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 9.9 MiB
[Bota Mochito] Light Brown Temptation (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-07).zip 12.7 MiB
[E-musu Aki] Make Up Girl! (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 15.1 MiB
[Esuke] My Next Door Neighbor (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 12.6 MiB
[GGGG] Stand Up! (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-07).zip 16.0 MiB
[gonza] Sexy Chinese Courtship Technique (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 19.1 MiB
[Hamao] Their Room (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 8.9 MiB
[Hanafuda Sakurano] Daydream (COMIC Bavel 2018-09).zip 4.3 MiB
[Hardboiled Yoshiko] Amane's True Intentions (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 10.2 MiB
[Hatimoto] You be a Maid, and I'll be Me (COMIC Bavel 2018-09).zip 9.9 MiB
[Henkuma] What I Want Today! (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 13.3 MiB
[Hinahara Emi] Sweet Devil's Promise (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 13.9 MiB
[Hinasaki Yo] Insolent Mermaid (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 13.3 MiB
[Homunculus] Boy Meets Girl (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 8.9 MiB
[Horieros] A World Where All Girls Aspire to Be Sluts (COMIC X-Eros #67).zip 15.0 MiB
[Horieros] Little Sister Succubus (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 12.4 MiB
[Hota.] Always Nanami Time! (COMIC X-Eros #65).zip 10.2 MiB
[Ichiren Takushou] A Married Woman's Dignity (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 10.1 MiB
[Ikematsu] It's Not Possible... (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-06).zip 15.7 MiB
[Iketaki Ganguten] Gal Syndrome! ~Infection Expansion~ (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 14.4 MiB
[Isora Inasa] Naughty Mermaids (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 11.6 MiB
[Kakino Nashiko] I Love Ya Lots!! (COMIC Europa Vol.18).zip 11.6 MiB
[Kameyoshi Ichiko] Summer Break Friend (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 11.4 MiB
[kanbe] Festered Feelings (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-07).zip 9.2 MiB
[Kasugano Tobari] Dreaming of Your Butt (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-07).zip 9.3 MiB
[Kazakura] Horny Bunny (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-05).zip 11.4 MiB
[Kerorin] Midori-chan & The Secret of The Mysterious Plant (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 27.8 MiB
[Key] Turn (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 19.2 MiB
[Kito Sakeru] Poseidon in the Locker (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 16.1 MiB
[Komezawa] From This Day Forward, She's Mine... (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-06).zip 11.9 MiB
[Konchiki] My Girlfriend is Pretty Pouty (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 7.2 MiB
[Konoshiro Shinko] Shaving (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 9.2 MiB
[Koppori Nama Beer] Shiraishi-san ~Part 1~ (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 8.5 MiB
[Kosuke Haruhito] Miyuu-chan's Aroma (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 13.2 MiB
[Kosuke Haruhito] Smelly Friends (COMIC X-Eros #67).zip 12.0 MiB
[Kyockcho] Hide & Seek (COMIC Bavel 2018-06).zip 13.6 MiB
[Maruwatarou] Ruriiejima Love Song (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 17.2 MiB
[MEME50] Playful Arousal (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 9.6 MiB
[Minagiri] Celebratory Drinks (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 8.5 MiB
[Minamino Sazan] Open! Six-Boobie Island (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 14.0 MiB
[mogg] Addicted Wife (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 7.5 MiB
[Mojarin] Just Once (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 14.8 MiB
[Moketa] How a Poker-Faced Girl Really Feels (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-05).zip 9.6 MiB
[Momoco] Depravity (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-06).zip 10.5 MiB
[Momoduki Suzu] Welcome Home, Chidori (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 12.0 MiB
[Morishima Kon] Over Summer (COMIC X-Eros #67).zip 17.1 MiB
[Nagayori] Uninvited Weather (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 13.3 MiB
[NaPaTa] Cat & I (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 9.9 MiB
[Netoro Morikon] Class Reunion for Two (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 10.1 MiB
[Nozi] Hold Me Tight And Fill Me Up (COMIC X-Eros #67).zip 11.4 MiB
[Nunnu] Go For It! Pastry Factory! (COMIC Bavel 2018-07).zip 14.2 MiB
[Onizuka Naoshi] Paperback (COMIC Koh Vol.1).zip 7.2 MiB
[Oohira Sunset] Bad Match x Good Match (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-07).zip 12.5 MiB
[Oouso] Cocksleeve Classroom - Hole 2 (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 18.6 MiB
[Ooyama Kina] Slut on the Beach (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-07).zip 11.6 MiB
[Pei] Protruding Feelings (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 10.6 MiB
[Picao] Personal Agreement (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 9.2 MiB
[Polinky] Penis Rental ~Housewife Misaki, Age 31~ (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-07).zip 10.2 MiB
[rca] Haruka's Garden (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 12.7 MiB
[Regudeku] A Summer Secret (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 9.0 MiB
[Rico] My Sister-in-Law is My Wife (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 10.5 MiB
[Rororogi Mogera] Secret Invitation (COMIC X-Eros #62).zip 13.9 MiB
[Ryu Shinonome] Sweet Nectar of a Poisonous Flower ~Red Room~ (COMIC X-Eros #66).zip 10.9 MiB
[Ryu Shinonome] Sweet Nectar of a Poisonous Flower ~Red Thorn~ (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 9.6 MiB
[Sakuma Tsukasa] Look This Way (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 9.5 MiB
[Sakurazari Hotori] Get That Patent, Girl! (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 10.5 MiB
[Samemanma] Fully Charged! (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 10.2 MiB
[Sasachinn] Their XXX Ban (COMIC Bavel 2018-09).zip 13.5 MiB
[SAVAN] Love & Lip (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-09).zip 9.4 MiB
[Syuuen] Matchmaking Battle Royale (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 9.8 MiB
[Takahashi Note] Hug Hug Hagumu-chan (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 14.0 MiB
[Takashi] Family (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-06).zip 9.4 MiB
[Thomas] Real Friend! VR (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2018-08).zip 9.2 MiB
[Tohyama Eight] No in the Changing Rooms! (COMIC Europa Vol.16).zip 10.1 MiB
[Tokie Hirohito] Sex Parasite (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 14.3 MiB
[Tsuruta Bungaku] Threat (COMIC Koh Vol.1).zip 10.7 MiB
[Tulip] Black Sheep & White Sheep (COMIC X-Eros #68).zip 13.4 MiB
[Ueda Yuh] Left Behind Photo Shoot (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 13.4 MiB
[utu] Kana-chan Purchase (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-08).zip 10.5 MiB
[Wabara Hiro] Happening To You (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 9.2 MiB
[Wamusato Haru] Gamer Girlfriend & Livestream! (COMIC X-Eros #65).zip 21.2 MiB
[Woruto] Hasshaku-sama (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 8.2 MiB
[Yahiro Pochi] Kind landlady (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 9.5 MiB
[Yamada Yuuya] Back Alley Arisu (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 11.1 MiB
[Yokohama Inka] Until I Can Make Curry (COMIC X-Eros #65).zip 9.5 MiB
[Zasha] Dirty Trap (COMIC X-Eros #69).zip 9.1 MiB
82.2 MiB
[Bosshi] Sawatari-san From 201 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-05).zip 15.8 MiB
[Matsukawa] Changing Scenery (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-04).zip 16.1 MiB
[Menoko] Dangerous Sister (COMIC Bavel 2018-05).zip 10.3 MiB
[Minamino Sazan] Welcome! To Six-Boobie Island (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-07).zip 22.1 MiB
[Orico] Night Shift (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2018-05).zip 18.0 MiB
6.5 MiB
[Hanafuda Sakurano] Bavel Pin-Up Girls #053 (COMIC Bavel 2018-08).zip 1.8 MiB
[Range Murata] futuregraph #177 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 2.0 MiB
[YUG] School Regulation Violation #71 (COMIC Kairakuten 2018-08).zip 2.6 MiB
checksums.sfv 10.4 KiB
README.txt 3.6 KiB


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For more info about these releases, and a whole lot more, read this google document. Updated thanks to Nephthys.

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